Saturday, May 14, 2016

Inmate Medical Negligence:what can we do?

Hi...My name is Amy...I created this blog because my mom is in prison at NCCIW in Raleigh, NC.  But...she has multiple major health problems and my concern is medications she's been on for over 15 years, (life threatening meds...if not taken)...they have not been giving them to her.  I have called multiple times and it's not doing any good, but I've been calling the prison.  I am hoping someone will give me some insight on whom I need to call.  I have had a massive stroke myself + 15 brain I cant drive...I have to get something done from home....and I'm just worried sick about my mother...if anyone has any input or recommendations, please respond and tyvm for reading and replying in advance...I am sure there are others out there with this same problem...feel free to tell your stories!